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We are Nan and Greg and we are sometimes difficult to find. We spend our winters in Mexico, our summers in Lead, and the in between times traveling. During the summer we carry a cell phone: Area Code Four-Eight-Zero 349-0269

(Sorry, I have to do it this way until I can figure out how to delete Skype).

Nancy’s Email: njhershman@gmail.com

She also does a lot of work on Facebook at: ‘Nancy Greg Hershman’

Greg’s Email: ghershman@gmail.com

We spend so much time doing so many things that we have divided our Blog into 3 (count them –three) sections:

Festima Lente Sailing

Section #1 is our boating blog and it talks about our boat, Festima Lente.  Festime Lente, or ‘Festy’ has been our home for 16 years.  We purchased it when we moved to the San Diego are and live aboard at the Chula Vista Marina for over 8 years until we retire in 2006.  Festima Lente is Latin for ‘Make Haste Slowly’, a fitting name for a slow sailboat.

A quick financial analysis when we retired told us that, in order to afford retirement, we needed to leave the marina and head to Mexico.  We have been sailing around the Sea of Cortez, also known as the Gulf of California, since September 2006.

This is our SD house.  Watch as we make improvements
This is our SD house. Watch as we make improvements

Section #2 is our house blog.  In 2011 we purchased an abandoned Victorian house which was built in 1903 and we named the house “Hill House”.  The house was boarded up and had no plumbing, no electricity, and any interior walls were simply studs.

 Hill House is now undergoing a complete, but slow, restoration on the outside and a modernization on the inside – what I call a ‘resto-mod’.  It will be finished ‘in the future’ – no specific time has been set as we can only work on her during the summer as finances allow.


This blog is all about us
This blog is all about us

Section #3 is our travel blog.  Nan and I both love to travel so we have set a special blog simply to tell about our wanderings.

We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures and that you contact us with any comments or questions.


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NOTE:  In my spare time I like to read and write about Lean Manufacturing and ways to improve businesses in the United States.  I have a website that I invite you to visit and tell your friend about. 

Lean World Class Business:  www.damasco.us

 Thanks for looking.

 Nancy and Greg