Hill House – August 14, 2014

August 14, 2014

Nancy and Greg produce a Blog to keep our friends apprised of what we are up to – Greg’s job is to write the stuff and then Nan gets a hold of it and tells Greg where he made his mistakes.   After the corrections are made, Nan sorts through her plethora of pictures and inserts some appropriate photos to show everyone where we have been and what we are doing.

At least that is the way this Blog should work!

Since we have been in Lead, we have been working at the Dakota Spur Hotel; the same hotel we managed 2 years ago. We also have been working on the house in an effort to get it livable. As one could easily assume, this keeps Nan much busier than it keeps me.

This is the reason that our blogs for the next few (and last few) months will have very few, if any, pictures. We are sorry about this but … that’s the way the square ball slides. Now, on with the show!

Nan and I have been working at the hotel for quite some time now getting it ready for a re-opening. We have set August 1st as our target opening date as that coincides with the Sturgis Bike Rally and renting the rooms for that can be quite lucrative.

We have been painting, cleaning, re-establishing programs and procedures, Etc. Dean and Debbie have made 2 week long trips from Sioux City to work on the Hotel. The 1st trip Dean put on a new patio rook which had been knocked down in last year’s 1st snow storm. The second trip they brought new flat screen TV’s and individual room air conditioners. For some of these installations, we had to revamp tilt-in windows so they would accommodate the new AC units.

Besides these ‘small’ tasks, Nan and Debbie re-arranged the location of the linen storage area, we kicked out a non paying tenant, many areas were painted, furniture was moved around, a deck was painted, windows had their screens removes and were repainted, new carpeting was put on the front steps, Nan got an ‘official’ office with a built in desk, and many other things. Everyone has been extremely busy.

A week before Sturgis Bike Week, our long time friends from Royal Center, IN, Brock and Donna, stopped to visit us. Brock was our Best Man and I was his Best Man – way back when …. They spent several days so we were able to be tour guides with trips down Spearfish Canyon, to Sturgis, Mt. Rushmore, and to Chief Crazy Horse. We visited several of the ensuing towns where we walked around and just were tourists. With the good friends, good food, good memories, a great time was had by all! Thanks for stopping Brock and Donna.

In the past 8 weeks almost nothing has been done on the house. Several days Nan and I went to the house and began to tear down the front basement wall and right now we have about 2/3’s of it down and laying in the front yard. After Rally I will return to finish removing the wall and digging a 4’ X 4’ X 24’ trench for the new basement footing. After that, we will see what we can get done.

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