OK, I am back to doing some Blog stuff – after all of these months. Since May of 2014, Nan and I have managed the Dakota Spur Hotel in Lead, SD. We managed this hotel three years ago but didn’t manage it two years ago as the hotel had been sold and turned into a restaurant. The restaurant didn’t do well and went out of business. The original owner got the hotel back but also got a bad reputation from the restaurant owner. Nan and I agreed to manage for a year to develop new business and to see if the hotel would be viable as a year around business.

We got the Hotel opened August 1st of 2014 in time for Rally and slowly built the business. We spent our first entire winter in a cold climate this last year – and yes, it is a bit of a change from Mexico. We saw temps into the negative 30’s plus we had lots of snow; we even had 18” of snow for Mother’s Day!

In all, we feel we did a good job of getting the hotel back in its tracks and it should be a viable business as a ‘year around’ venture. Nan’s sister, Phyllis, has joined us since May of this year and she will manage the entire operation until we return from Mexico in the late spring of 2016.

Now, on to what is happening now. We have made significant strides on the house. The house is back down on it permanent foundation and I have installed several walls in the basement, there is a new front door on the basement, I pour concrete in low spots, I continue to backfill the around the outside walls, yada, yada.


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