Festima Lente

When we moved to the San Diego area in 1998, we sold our smaller sailboat, ‘Hershy’s Kiss’, and moved aboard a larger, 45′ sailboat.  Festime Lente, or ‘Festy’, has been our home for 16 years.  We purchased it when we moved to the San Diego are and lived aboard at the Chula Vista Marina for over 8 years until we retired in 2006.  Festima Lente is Latin for ‘Make Haste Slowly’, a fitting name for a slow sailboat.

A quick financial analysis when we retired told us that, in order to afford retirement, we needed to leave the marina and head to Mexico.  We have been sailing around the Sea of Cortez, also known as the Gulf of California, since September, 2006.

With the purchase of Hill House, Festy is now our winter residence.

December, 2012

Finally in the Water



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